Why You Need A Professional In Pest Control In Dallas, TX For Bats

by | Oct 4, 2013 | Animal Control

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One of the unique characteristics to the state of Texas is the migration of bats. In the recent years it is not just a tourist attraction but there are some real bat enthusiasts that come to our state specifically so they can watch the bat colonies that have formed in beautiful areas. Anytime that you have a particular natural phenomenon happen it is best to take advantage of the tourist money to help improve the economy. On the flip side, the pest control in Dallas, TX has been working overtime to help residents safely remove bats from areas where it is not necessarily a tourist destination.
One or two bats at sunset around a residence may be an interesting thing to watch and may even help with the exploding mosquito population that tends to develop around that time but hardly is there a resident that wants a family of bats living in their attic. Apart from the diseases that bats carry with them such as rabies, histoplasmosis, nipah and hendra, their droppings they leave behind can leave a lot more problems.
One thing that is a major problem when it comes to a bat infestation in a home is not necessarily the off chance that they are rabid but it is that they leave behind their excrimants everywhere. Someone that is familiar with Critter Control can easily handle to problem of eradicating the bats from a home but it is the cleanup that is necessary in order to keep the house from becoming contaminated. While the guano is great for fertilizer it can pose huge health risks when it is in large forms and remains to stay behind long after the bats are gone.
The small little pellets can be a huge excess weight that is left behind on the inner structures of the home. After some time, the moisture rich product can start decomposing the substance and soon you can have ceiling problems. Another problem is that once discovered, it is highly contaminated and can contaminate whatever it comes into contact with. It is always best to deal with professionals for pest control in Dallas, TX if you fear you have a bat problem.

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