A Storage Unit in Virginia Beach is a Good Place to Store Collectibles

by | Oct 4, 2013 | Warehousing and Storage

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Collections can grow out of control. It’s easy for a collector to get carried away buying items that they love. Pretty soon they’ve covered all of their tables and filled all of their cupboards. While they love being surrounded by collectibles their spouse not be happy about the clutter. If the person doesn’t want to sell them, then a Storage Unit in Virginia Beach may be the perfect compromise. While the prospect of keeping their collectibles boxed up doesn’t appeal to many collectors, they can arrange their storage unit like a display area. They can install a variety of display cases and shelving units. That way they can easily see everything, when they visit they unit.
Storage units come in a variety of sizes. The smallest is about 5 feet by 5 feet. That’s the size of a large closet. The largest units are usually about 15 feet by 30 feet. Most storage facilities have a variety of locker sizes. Potential customers can ask to visit the different sizes, if they aren’t sure which ones would be appropriate. They are all well lit and most are climate controlled. Depending upon the collection type, this can be very important. Most facilities also work with pest management companies to minimize any insects or bugs. However, it’s always a good strategy to clean items just before they are brought to the storage unit.
Once the collectibles are arranged in the cases and on the shelves, the collector may find he actually enjoys see all of the pieces nicely arranged. It’s important to find a Storage Unit in Virginia Beach that is near his home. That way he can visit his collection frequently. If he buys a new piece, it’s easy to bring it to the storage unit. The spouse may have agreed to allow a certain number of pieces to be displayed in the home. Therefore the collector can conveniently visit the facility to retrieve the display items. A figurine collector may have special Halloween or Christmas pieces that they enjoy including in seasonal decorations. When the home has fewer items cluttering it, it’s easier to see the items that are on display.

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