Tips for Finding the Best Boarding Facility for Fido

Your dog is your best friend. He’s loyal, loving and plenty of fun to be around. But occasionally you need to travel away from home for business or pleasure and your beloved pooch can’t come along. What do you do? Simple! You find the right dog boarding services in Manhattan for him. There are many options, and finding one in advance is the best way to ensure you find the right spot for your furry friend to stay while you are away. Consider the following tips for making this an enjoyable experience for Fido when he is in a new place.

Familiarity and Fun Go a Long Way!

Some dogs might be nervous or seem sad in a new location, and others will think it’s the best thing ever! In order to make it a smooth transition for your dog, consider bringing along his favorite blanket or pillow. It can be kept with him at the boarding facility so he smells something familiar. In addition, you might consider letting him keep a favorite toy too, such as a plush squeaky or his favorite bone. Find out what sort of play time your dog will have at the boarding facility. Do they have a secured yard for your dog to run and play with other dogs? Is there an indoor play area during bad weather? Will he be treated like a part of their family while you are gone, or will he remain locked in a cage nonstop? If he is social with other dogs, can he have playtime and make new friends? Is the boarding facility licensed and insured? If your dog has a special diet, is the facility willing to feed him food he is familiar with? These are just some of the questions you should ask before the day comes that you need to find a boarding service.

Enjoy your Vacation and Stop Worrying!

Leaving your fur-baby with a stranger may be nerve wracking for you, but the best thing you can do is relax and rest assured knowing he is in a facility that has a lot of experience with dogs of all shapes and sizes. He’s going to be getting plenty of time to play, eat, and do everything a dog loves to do. In fact, he’s going to be kept so busy with new things to do and new people to meet that he might not even realize you are gone!

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