Tips for Raccoon Removal in Westerville OH

The Wildlife Control Company, In can tell you that Raccoon Removal in Westerville OH is a problem at times, but that they of course can get the job done for you in no time at all. However, while you are waiting on the professionals to arrive, maybe you can take care of a couple of the pests yourself. Raccoons, though adorable with their little masked face and furry hides, carry diseases and forage food in trash cans, gardens and can even open the fridge if they get into your home. You may come to your cabin in the woods after going to town and find that everything in your fridge in the shed is gone, because raccoons are highly intelligent and can open just about anything.

The best thing to do to protect your property against these nocturnal creatures while you wait for the Raccoon Removal in Westerville OH professionals to show up is to keep the food that they are looking for away from them. You can do this easily by tying the lids to your outside trash cans, where they can’t smell the food inside. Keep your pet food inside and lock your doggy doors. These tips are mostly for night time, since that is when raccoons like to roam and forage. Seal up any holes and openings in your home. If you remove the temptation of food, then the raccoons will likely go away on their own.

As for your gardens, you can install a small electric fence around the property that will deter the raccoons from coming onto your property. A raccoon screen can also protect your home from raccoons, since they can’t get through the mesh to enter and wreak havoc. There are also repellents that can help you to get rid of raccoons without hurting them, if you want Raccoon Removal in Westerville OH to do it the natural way.

You can also purchase a raccoon trap and bait it with some kind of food. Once the raccoon is trapped, you can take the trap to the woods, for from your home, and let the animal go. Never try to catch a raccoon with your bare hands, as they have been known to carry diseases such as rabies. Click here for more info on Raccoon removal.