What To Know Before You Buy Used Medical Equipment

Making the choice to invest in used or refurbished medical equipment is both cost-effective as well as proves a small lab with the equipment and technology to compete with larger labs and testing facilities.

When you buy used medical equipment, there are a few important factors to review before making the purchase. Ideally, avoid private sales or online types of auctions as these pose the most risk for the buyer. Additionally, with these types of sales, the freight costs can be extremely high, or the buyer may need to arrange for shipping, adding extra cost and time.

Reputation of the Seller

The choice to buy used medical equipment should always consider the reputation of the seller as a priority factor to check. Look for companies with decades in the business of buying and selling used and refurbished medical, lab and chemistry instrumentation and equipment.

These companies are reliable, dependable and offer the greatest selection and the newest models in equipment at very reasonable prices.

Testing of the Equipment

Never buy used medical equipment that is not tested by the seller. This is why relying on the word of a private seller, an online auction site, or a broker is always a concern. By working with a reputable used medical equipment seller, the equipment is fully tested when sold as used, and completely upgraded when sold as refurbished.

Return Policy and Warranty

The website of the used medical equipment company should clearly list the return policies and the warranty for the item under consideration. If this information is not listed on the site, assume there is no option for return and no warranty offered.

Always confirm with the seller any of these issues, and be sure all warranty information is provided in writing in the event of a problem with the equipment within the warranty period.

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