Selling Used Chemistry Lab Equipment To Used Equipment Suppliers

One of the benefits of working with ethical, reputable and respected used equipment suppliers is the variety of services and options they can provide. Of course, not all equipment suppliers and dealers offer the same features and options for their customers, so finding the right supplier is important.

In addition to offering low cost used and refurbished medical and laboratory equipment, these suppliers may offer a full line of used chemistry lab equipment. The larger dealers and suppliers tend to have the best selection, which allows their customers to compare models and options and then make the best choice based on their individual needs.

Buying Equipment

In addition to offering used chemistry lab equipment for sale, these same dealerships and suppliers may allow their customers to sell top quality used equipment. This can include surplus equipment or equipment that is being phased out or no longer required due to changes in testing needs and other factors.

Selling current inventory of used chemistry lab equipment serves several purposes for the customer. It allows them to free up storage area, to work with a trusted supplier to make the sale and to also have assistance in prepping the equipment for sale if required.

Up Front Payment

One very important issue when selling surplus equipment to a used equipment company is to ensure full payment is made when the equipment is shipped. Some companies will only provide a partial payment, then require the equipment pass an inspection before the rest of the payment is provided.

This can create very real problems for the seller as if the equipment fails inspection; they are forced to take a very reduced amount. Alternatively, the seller will have to pay the freight to have the equipment returned, which can result in an overall net loss.

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