Cutting Costs For Replacement Analytical Instruments

Labs today can be placed in a very real type of squeeze. There is an increasing demand for faster turnaround times for samples combined with greater degrees of accuracy and increased range of testing. At the same time, there is also the need to remain competitive in the market and to offer the best possible testing capabilities for customers and clients.

For in-house labs and testing facilities, the same demands for high quality, state-of-the-art analytical instruments are also in place. Also, there is always the demand to keep capital investments within the budget, which can make it extremely challenging to replace instruments which fail unexpectedly or those which simply have operated to or beyond their expected duty cycle.

Many top labs across the country in hospitals, private labs and research facilities turn to reputable, established and trusted dealers in used and refurbished analytical instruments to help to reduce the squeeze. These companies offer competitively priced, newer models in all types of instrumentation and equipment for any lab.

Integration in the System

One of the big advantages of buying used analytical instruments from these dealers is the ability to not just get a great price, but to choose the brand and the model ideal for the application.

By choosing equipment to integrate seamlessly into the current lab processes the replacement requires extremely limited downtime combined with the practical benefits of working with equipment technicians already know.

Selling Surplus Equipment

The option to also sell any surplus used instruments and analytical equipment to the dealer may also be a simple way to offset the cost of the purchase. The best companies will provide 100% payment for the used equipment immediately, allowing you to know the amount you will receive and how it can help to save on the cost of the replacement instrument.

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