Did Your Dentist Recommend Getting a Root Canal, Get Professional Help in Chicago

Root canals are a common treatment that patients need in the dental world. This procedure can be performed over the course of a few treatments, but really depends on how severe your situation is. Many people don’t really know about treatments involving root canals until they have to get one done themselves. People tend to think that this procedure is painful and time-consuming, but with the advances in the modern technology of the dental world, these factors have been reduced. Here are some important things you should know before you head into your treatment.

How Does it Start?

Before even thinking about this treatment, it’s important to understand why it’s needed. This procedure is used to alleviate pain and reduce infection in the affected pulp of your teeth. The pulp is actually what makes up an important part of your tooth; it’s a bunch of blood vessels that keep the tooth healthy and alive. If they get infected due to poor dental hygiene, it causes a lot of pain and the tooth might need to be extracted to reduce further damage. This is where the root canal’s treatment comes in.

What Happens in this Treatment?

When you go through with this process, your dentist has to go into the affected tooth and remove any damaged and infected pulp. The rest of the pulp of the tooth is then cleaned, so no further damage can be done with the leftover pulp. Then, a rubber sealant is placed on top of the remaining pulp, and everything is topped off with a crown. This keeps your tooth clean from the inside and prevents decay from starting on the outside. The whole procedure is very straightforward, and an experienced endodontist in Chicago can perform it with no trouble.

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