Ways To Display A Carved Ice Block In Suffolk County NY

Blocks of ice are often used to create unique decorations that can be used to enhance furnishings that are located in an indoor or outdoor setting. The following tips will assist with improving the appearance of a banquet room. Guests at a dinner party will enjoy looking at the unique decorations and may be impressed with the originality of each piece.

Ice Luges To Serve Finger Foods And Fancy Appetizers

A luge is an ice block in Suffolk County, NY that usually has an intricate design carved into it. If the channels that are carved into ice are several inches wide, they can be used to hold finger foods or fancy appetizers that are often served cold. Ice will preserve food items throughout an event so that they remain fresh.

A luge that contains food items can be set up on a banquet table or bar. Guests who have attended a function can view the food items and select ones that look appetizing to them. Beverages can also be served with the help of a luge. If a carved piece of ice is set up at an angle, drinks can be poured through carved sections before being collected in cups.

Ice Sculptures That Portray An Individual Or Theme

An ice block in Suffolk County, NY can be sculpted in order to portray a person or theme that is being celebrated at a social event. As long as a sculpture is preserved in a freezer before it will be displayed, it will remain intact so that it can be enjoyed for hours. Sculptures can be heavy so they should each be placed on a sturdy surface that is designed to support a lot of weight.

Arrangements can be made with Long Island Ice & Fuel or another ice distributor to have ice products delivered. Otherwise, a flatbed or a truck with plenty of space in its bed will be needed to transport a sculpted piece of ice. If floodlights are installed around a sculpture, guests will be intrigued by an ice display and can enjoy looking at it if it is dark outside or if lighting has been dimmed.

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