An Ice Luge In Suffolk County And Additional Ice Products That Can Be Used During An Outdoor Luncheon

Food that is served during an outdoor function may spoil if it is not preserved properly. If a social gathering is going to last several hours on a warm day, using ice products throughout an event will minimize food waste and ensure that guests are provided with a variety of fresh and appealing food items. The tips below will assist with preparing an outdoor luncheon.

Create A Menu And Order Ice For Perishable Items

A menu needs to be created well in advance. If a luncheon is being held during the spring or summer, salads, fruits and fresh vegetable platters are some items that are light and filling. If several platters of food are going to be prepared and placed across buffet tables, ice cubes or chips can be used to keep food chilled.

An ice distributor will ship or deliver ice products to customers, eliminating the need to rush out and purchase bagged ice from a convenient store or shopping center. After receiving an order of ice, prepared dishes should be placed on trays that have a layer of ice spread across them. A canopy can be erected over tables to further prevent food from spoiling due to heat exposure.

Add Ice Decorations

An ice luge in Suffolk County, NY can be used as a decorative piece that is set on top of a table. When placing an order for a luge, details about the channels that are going to be carved in a block of ice should be provided. If wide channels are carved in ice, there will be plenty of room for small appetizers that need to remain chilled.

Small pieces of seafood, fruit tarts or sliced vegetables can be spread across an ice luge in Suffolk County, NY. If guests are interested in sampling the appetizers, they can use toothpicks to pick up the items that they would like to eat.

Subtle lighting that is installed next to a luge will provide an ice sculpture with an alluring appearance that can be enjoyed throughout the day or night. Visit or another ice distributor’s website for additional information about ice products and ordering requirements.

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