Properly Caring For Hardwood Flooring in Tribeca

When someone has Hardwood Flooring in Tribeca in their home, they will want to take the needed steps in caring for it, so it retains its appearance. Failing to do maintenance to hardwood floors can cause them to loose their luster or become scratched. Here are some tips one can use to ensure their floors look their absolute best for as long as possible.

Take Steps To Avoid Scratching

Most hardwood floors have a wax or polyurethane coating. When this coating becomes scratched, it can mar the overall appearance of the floor. It is important to take steps to protect the floors from scratches. This can be done by adding area rugs to spots where a lot of foot traffic is expected. Asking people to remove their shoes before walking on the floors may be desired as well. Use furniture pads underneath table legs to help keep scratches at bay.

Clean The Floor Regularly

When a hardwood floor is not cleaned, it can become grungy in appearance. Take the time to use a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove any loose debris from the floors. This should be held slightly above the floor, so the attachment does not scratch the surface. Any debris that does not come up with a vacuum can be wiped off with a piece of microfiber cloth. This can be dampened slightly if necessary, but then the floor will need to be wiped again with a dry piece of cloth so moisture does not remain on the surface.

Revitalize The Floor’s Appearance

One can spruce up a floor that no longer appears shiny with a coating of surface finish or wax. Surface finish is applied to the floor and it will dry, leaving a pleasing hue over the planks as a result. Wax is applied with a piece of clean cloth and may need to be buffed so it is applied to the floor evenly.

When a homeowner wishes to learn more about Hardwood Flooring in Tribeca, or if they need their floors maintained or refinished, a call to a business with knowledge in the subject is best. Contact New York Wood Flooring to find out more!