How to Transform Your Next Party Using Block Ice

Looking for new ideas to bring creativity and fun to your parties and gatherings is a simple as adding an ornate ice sculpture or luge. All of your guests will be amazed at the detailed elegance a well-carved sculpture or luge provides.
Unforgettable Ice Sculptures

A well-done ice sculpture is a captivating and beautiful addition to any social gathering. The designs created by ice sculptors are literal works of art that get the attention of all your guests. You can have your child’s favorite superhero carved for a special birthday party, or have an anniversary year commemorated in ice. Every great ice sculpture starts with sourcing an ice block in Suffolk County, NY residents trust for clean and clear results. Only ice with the best clarity showcases the beauty of the sculpting.
Entertaining Ice Luge

An ice luge is a fun way to serve alcoholic beverages at your next party. A luge is made of a large block of ice that incorporates channels that can hold drinks poured from the top. It results in filling a cup at the bottom of the channel or the participating drinker drinks it directly. It can add real pizzaz and fun to your party.

Customized Ice Block Products and Sizes

Get the right expert advice and ice block in Suffolk County, NY residents rely on to create the best sculptures and luge products possible. You can get customized sizes of up to roughly 300-pounds. All you need is a sturdy pickup to come and get your ice on the day it’s needed. Let us know what your ideas are and we’ll bring them to life.

Contact us at Long Island Ice and Fuel or stop by Website Domain and find out more about the benefits of ice block products for your next get-together.

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