Tips for Your First Pontoon Rental in Destin

Pontoon Rentals in Destin can be an exciting way to get out on the water, enjoy time with your family, and just have an amazing day. However, you need to know a few things before you rent your very first pontoon, and head out on your adventure. You need to be prepared for the unexpected out on the water, and the best way to do that is to be extremely careful, and follow the tips below.

Pontoon Rentals in Destin come in all sizes, and it might be tempting to rent the biggest pontoon on the lot. However, it is better if you start with a small pontoon, take it out with your friends for the first time, and then work your way up to the bigger pontoons, once you have more experience on the open water.

The first thing you need to check for is a radio on the pontoon. You need one in case of emergency, so that you can get in contact with the marina or the dock. It is recommended that you read the manual about the radio, before you ever leave the dock.

You should bring extra safety equipment with you. Even though the rental place will probably provide life jackets, it is safer to bring a few more with you. If you have young children, or older adults with you, this safety measure is doubly important. You will want to toss an extra bottle of sunscreen into your tote as well. It only takes a second, and will come in handy if someone else forgets theirs. The sun on the water is merciless, and sunburns can be dangerous.

It is very important to check the weather. If you have a few dozen trips under your belt, then a small storm may not be a problem, although it is not recommended. If this is your first trip, you want to reschedule your boating trip, if there is a chance of thunderstorms. The water is not something that you want to play with. Yes, it is fun, but it can kill you, if you aren’t extremely careful.

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