Types of Unique Water Toys

There are so many types, styles and different capacity floating water toys. They add fun to anything you are doing, whether hanging out at a pool with friends or going to the beach with family for the day. An Aqua Table or Water Mat is fun for guests. Or how about a Tube A Rama to fit 10 people?

Here is just a small list of unique water toys:

Aqua Sofa: A large sofa for the pool, how relaxing is that? With comfortable fabric and pillows you can hang out on this sofa, in the pool, all day long.

Floating Mattress: These are available with a cooler, cup holders and sturdy handles. You can fit your whole family on these large mattresses.

Inflatable Beer Pong: Most adults have played the standard beer pong game. Switch it up and play in the pool. This is a must have for any party.

Floating Cabana: This is great because it provides shade. They can fit up to 6 people and have accessories, like a cooler, available.

Single Person Float: There are many different kinds of single person floats. You can buy one that sits you up or lays you down. It can be U shaped or a lounger, which ever you prefer! A Malibu Lounge, Salon Lounge or standard float are all options you have to pick from.

Floating Table: When gathering with friends, how fun would it be to sit at a table in the pool and play cards? With a floating table you can!

Aqua Treadmill: It can fit up to 3 people and allows you to go wherever you want on the water. This is fun and exercise rolled into one.

Pool Pals: Much more fun, and many more options than the typical pool noodle, these are great for adults and kids alike. They are very easy to inflate and don’t take up much room when storing.

For pool, ocean or any water fun you need accessories, there are tons of floating water toys so finding what you like is easy.

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