Fun Features on a Towable Tube

What is a favorite summertime activity that people of all ages can enjoy? Tubing is a great experience for the young and the young at heart. It is a way to spend time with family and friends, get some exercise, and make the most of the warmer weather. A towable tube is a nice addition to your watersports adventure, and there are some fun features that can amp up your experience.

Room for the Whole Gang

Some people are fine with going tubing alone, but if you do not want to have a solo adventure, try bringing some friends along! You can get a towable tube that accompanies two, three, or even four adult passengers. This makes the activity even more fun, as you can splash and laugh your way around the lake, bay, or other body of water. This is an especially great choice for parents, because they can accompany their little ones without keeping them away from the summertime fun. Yet, even a group of adults can have a blast with a multi-passenger towable tube.

Cool Comfort

While you will be having the time of your life out on the lake, you still want to be comfortable. That is why many tubes come with amenities that make the activity even better. For instance, soft-grip handles are convenient, but also can guard knuckles against impact with the waters and waves. Foam pads and a nylon shell are durable enough to handle the roughest and toughest ride, but also provide that comfort and cushioning you need. Arm and headrests are great for when the waves die down, and you just want to sit back and relax or lounge and take a breather.

Exciting Accessories

Finally, to really have the ride of your life, try out some exciting accessories that can enhance the tubing experience. You will love having cupholders so you can bring your favorite cool beverage along. A storage pocket is great because it can hold your summertime essentials, such as sunglasses and sun block. Some tubes even come with zip-up coolers, which are ideal for carrying everyone’s drinks and even transporting some snacks for later. Seating accommodations that are adjustable mean that each rider can sit at an angle that is most comfortable for them.

What are you waiting for? A towable tube from WOW World of Watersports is perfect for those hot summer days on the lake. You can keep everyone happy and safe with floaters that are convenient and outfitted with the latest accessories and amenities. Get tubing today!

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