Tips for Hiring Mover Labor in Manhattan

When you are looking to hire mover labor in Manhattan, there are many things you need to consider in order to hire the right person or company for the job. Mover labor is a little different than a moving company, as they traditionally are independent contractors who will help you load and unload your possessions into and out of a moving truck and into your new home. But, just like hiring any company or individual, certain things should be completed prior to you hiring mover labor in Manhattan. And there are a few resources where you can find mover labor help easy and affordable.

Look for Mover Labor Companies

There are a few companies who specialize in actually providing moving help for home and business owners who need some ‘muscle’ to assist their move. Many of these companies can be found online or through traditional search methods like yellow pages or personal referrals. Most of the time, these companies will send you a quick questionnaire in order to better serve your needs and select the right people to work well for your specific needs. As a matter of principal, most of these companies will charge a minimum hourly rate with minimum hours to be hired. Each additional hour is billed and usually expected to be paid in cash at the end of the day.

Inquire with Professional moving companies.

Traditionally professional moving companies like to be hired for the entire process, from moving, packing, un packing, transportation and everything in between. However, the economy is rough right now and professional moving companies will do anything in order to keep their employees working, especially if they are not busy. A great benefit for hiring mover labor through these companies is that these people are specially trained to move equipment, furniture and your valuable possessions; so they are not likely to damage your items during the move. They are also more likely to offer suggestions to other people in order to make the moving process smoother, and also ensure that people use proper lifting techniques.

Ask Truck Rental Companies

Most of the time, nationally recognized moving truck companies like Budget, Penske and Ryder will have a list of independent contractors in your area who are available to be hired on an hourly basis for moving labor. Most of these people either have experience in moving or currently work for moving companies but do this type of work on the side to earn more money during slow periods. And, if you go through these rental companies, you might actually earn a discounted rate on hiring these people. However, remember one thing; the moving rental truck company is in business to make money, so be aware that there might be a ‘fee’ attached to offering these laborers.

Inquire with Temp Agencies

Temp agencies are also a great source to find mover labor in Manhattan. Temp agencies often have a list of people who specialize in heavy equipment and labor work, however, the drawback to this is often cost, availability and reliability.

When you are looking to hire mover labor in Manhattan, there are many resources for you to select from to get the best help at the most affordable pricing.

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