Surgery for Tendonitis is Often a Last Resort

Before anyone who suffers from tendonitis seeks orthopedic surgery in Marble Falls, it is important that all other avenues of non-invasive treatment have been thoroughly exhausted. Often, less expensive and noninvasive treatments actually work. In these cases, performing surgery from the outset would be unnecessary and involve needless risk. Generally, if nonsurgical methods work to alleviate pain and improve the condition, then surgery is not necessary. Orthopedic surgery in Marble Falls should be seen as a last resort after all else fails.

Our tendons are fibrous tissues that connect our muscles to our bones to allow the movement of our skeletal structure, and they can be easily irritated and inflamed. If we suddenly become active in exercise or play and overdo it, or if we excessively use our muscles in some activity such as exercise or sports, our tendons may react to the sudden change by becoming inflamed. This swelling can produce disabling pain. It is also possible to injure our tendons by stretching them or putting excessive strain on them, sometimes resulting in tears or detachment, both of which are serious injuries which require long periods of healing.

Before seeking orthopedic surgery in Marble Falls, rest and decrease any activity which has caused your tendons to swell or tear. Using a splint may be helpful in preventing you from automatically using the muscle to which the tendon is attached, thereby eliminating further injury. The object is to reduce the swelling, and immobilization is key in achieving this objective. Secondary treatments may include applying ice packs and/or taking pain medication, some of which contain components specifically targeted to reduce swelling.

Athletes will often receive cortisone injections to decrease inflammation rather than having orthopedic surgery in Marble Falls. However, if none of these treatments prove to be effective, surgery may be the best option. This is especially true if the tendon has been torn or ruptured by bone spurs.

Orthopedic surgery in Marble Falls for tendonitis generally involves removing bone spurs that may continue to damage tendons and repairing the tendon’s connection from muscle to bone. Arthroscopic surgery is usually the preferred method unless the tendon damage is excessive or the tendon has been completely torn. A period of recovery after surgery that includes sustained physical therapy to regain muscle strength, flexibility and motion follows most orthopedic surgery procedures.

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