Generate Thermal Power From Solar In Ventura

by | Apr 17, 2012 | Energy & Environment

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Thermal power generation from solar in Ventura is a quite attractive option. Thermal systems are passive or active. Passive thermal system requires no equipment as uses the heat as it build up when left in the sun for longer periods. Active thermal system requires equipment to absorb and collect the solar radiation. This article provides more information on the solar thermal systems.

Thermal Systems Based on Solar In Ventura

Solar thermal power plants are mostly active systems. They use mirrors to reflect and direct light to the receivers and convert the collected solar energy to heat. A generator is then used to generate electricity from heat. Most of the thermal plans in California use collectors for sun’s rays that are shaped in a half pipe covered with multiple mirrors. This design allows the plant to reach extremely high temperatures and make the system more efficient.

Another type of solar thermal systems are the solar power tower systems. These towers use thousands of flat mirrors that track sun and direct sun’s radiation to a receiver. This solar energy is then used to heat a heat transfer fluid or water to generate steam and then to produce electricity with a generator or a turbine.

Solar dish-engine are smaller systems and produce about 3-25 K Watts of electricity. These systems use a concentrator and a generator. The concentrator or dish collects the solar radiation and the engine generates the electricity.

Thermal Energy Storage Systems For Solar In Ventura

Solar energy is a renewable and abundant energy solution. Thermal energy storage systems are used to store this solar energy for off-peak storage. These systems are high pressure fluid tanks and are used with a thermal power system. These storage tanks can be of three types, two tank direct, two tank indirect and single tank systems.

Two-tank direct system the solar energy is stored in the same fluid that collected it. This fluid is divided into two tanks at two different temperatures – low and high. Low temperature fluid runs through the solar collector to get reheated and high temperature fluid is used to produce steam and return to the low temperature after it is used to produce electricity. Indirect systems have similar process but the heat transfer fluids are different types and generally more expensive. Single tank systems store thermal energy in a sold form mostly silica sand at low to high temperatures.

Passive Heating In Solar In Ventura

Passive heating for solar in Ventura uses the absorption of solar energy mostly in a building that reduces the energy requirement to warm the inside areas. This helps in space heating. Solar hot water systems use sunlight to minimize the electricity or gas required to heat water supply and thus helps in reducing fuel costs. Solar thermal water heating and space heating are very cost effective solutions where the grid supply is not reliable.

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