Small Business And Philadelphia SEO Strategies

As a small business owner trying to do everything on your own can be challenging and more than just a bit overwhelming. While it may seem hiring a company to do your local Philadelphia SEO services isn’t important, the reality is SEO is a part of online marketing success which isn’t intuitive or easy to learn.

The reality for many small businesses in Philly is their SEO (search engine optimization) is more than a few years out of date. In fact, there are some businesses in the city working without any Philadelphia SEO strategy and wondering why they can’t seem to get anywhere in moving up on the search engine results pages.

There are some simple ways to check your website SEO strategy and see if you are current or if you falling behind.

Titles and Descriptions

One of the most important aspects of local SEO services in Philadelphia is to ensure a great description of your business comes up when keywords are entered into a search engine.

Try using Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine for a specific keyword for a product you sell. Look carefully at the top few results and you will see a complete page title, a short description and a specific keyword. Now look at your results and see the difference.

Fast Load Times Improve Philadelphia SEO

The faster your website loads the better. In the past lots of multimedia and huge images were used to attract users, but with the variety of devices used to access online stores and sites those large images and big scripts are just a nuisance.

Clients and potential customers won’t wait for a page to load. They will simply click on the next URL up or down on the search engine page.

SEO Services in Philadelphia Blog for Content and Keywords

Unique content designed to be relevant to the keywords used to find your site is critical. It is important to generate original, interesting and relevant content to move up through search engine rankings. By carefully writing to match the keywords your potential customers are using you will bring new users to the site and boost your conversion rate.

Many small business owners aren’t writers or bloggers, and this is where 1Digital Marketing can help. Not only is it possible to have the company handle your ongoing SEO strategy in Philadelphia but they can also help you in developing blog topics and learn how important this strategy is as part of your overall SEO plan.

As a small business owner setting a priority for your Philadelphia SEO strategy is a sound business decision. To see more about how we can help at 1Digital Marketing see us online at

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