Many Memphis Customers Use a Moving Company’s Storage Service

If your belongings need to be stored for any length of time, you can inquire about your moving company’s storage service. Memphis homeowners, as well as business owners, often trust moving companies with their most valuable possessions. Ask your mover about their storage facilities and how their storage services can be advantageous to your move.

Determine Your Storage Needs
Most people collect a lot of stuff between moves and hhang on to items that are simply taking up space. Some items have not been used in years. Others are ‘once-in-a-blue-moon’ items that would be nice to display or make use of on special occasions, if we would only remember to pull them out and use them.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Putting Items in Storage
Before you begin researching storage options and talking to your mover, ask yourself if you really need all your items. If you sold or donated some items, would you really miss them? Preparing for a move is the perfect time to go through everything you own and ask yourself the following questions:

* When was the last time I used it? If you don’t remember, it’s time to let it go.
* Does it have any sentimental value?
* Is there anyone I know who could benefit from owning this?
* Is there anyone who would be appreciative of this item and use it more than I do?
* Does it have monetary value and would I be willing to sell it?

Deep down, you will immediately know the honest answer for every item you sort. This is the perfect time to simplify. Too much stuff can really affect your efficiency and productivity. An environment that is cluttered with objects can also be overwhelming. Let them go. You’ll have such a sense of freedom when you do.

What Types of Items Are You Planning to Store?
Large items like cars or recreational vehicles require a special storage service. Memphis customers should explore their options when looking for a storage facility that best suits their specific needs. If you are storing valuable papers or precious heirlooms, you’ll want to ask about climate-controlled facilities. This may increase your storage costs but will be a necessity to protect your valuables. Once you have made a list of everything you want to put in storage, sit down with your Memphis moving company representative for details about the storage services they offer.

Armstrong Relocation – Memphis offers Customers in Memphis, and surrounding areas, both long-term and short-term storage option for their belongings. Trust the professionals who take as much care of your possessions, as they do your move. Ask about a storage vault today. Visit

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