Don’t DIY When It Comes To Braces In Cypress

It seems the trend nowadays is to make your own brace for the teeth in order to save a little money and do it yourself. However, this option isn’t considered a good idea by orthodontists because it could do a lot more damage than coming in and having them placed.


The process of the DIY braces in Cypress is to use small rubber bands, similar to what orthodontists use and place them on two teeth that need to be moved closer together. This process is done by using many varying sizes of small elastics over a period of about two months. While the DIY process is a lot quicker and will only cost the amount needed to purchase the elastics, most people have no idea what the ill effects could be or why. Therefore, it is not recommended to try and save money by using this technique.


One reason orthodontists don’t recommend doing it yourself is that you could harm your mouth even more. It can be embarrassing and unsightly to have a large gap in between the teeth, but you also have to consider the gums and the root of the tooth. In many cases, there is less bone around the root, and if you were to move that one on your own, it could be moved unevenly so that the bite is uneven. In other cases, the moved teeth could cause gaps in other teeth, causing more problems.


Sometimes, the process of DIY braces in Cypress can also cause a lot of pain, especially if you loosen the tooth you are trying to move. In other cases, the rubber band you’re using could slip beneath the gum, which can cause irritation or infection.

Have It Done Professionally

In short, it is better to have a professional handle such difficult procedures and do them correctly so that your smile is beautiful, and there are no further problems. While it can be fun to do some beauty options at home, such as whitening, manicures and hair highlights, you should leave the tough procedures to those who have the training and knowledge to do them properly. Otherwise, you may find yourself requiring a dentist or orthodontist to try and fix the problem, which may not be easy or possible to fix.

Having braces in Cypress can help your mouth look better, but doing it on your own isn’t a good idea. Visit Finesse Orthodontics today to learn what they can do for you and to schedule an appointment.

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