How A Kidney Cancer Lawyer Can Help

Kidneys are those organs that are responsible for filtering the blood, the production of urine and waste disposal; they are located low in the back. The most common form of kidney cancer attacks the lining of the kidneys. Of all reported cases, renal cell carcinoma accounts for over 80 percent. There are no apparent symptoms until the cancerous tumor reaches the point where it causes problems with localized tissue. If you believe your cancer is the results of physician negligence or exposure to asbestos or harmful chemicals in the workplace you have the right to hire a kidney cancer lawyer and sue for compensation.

Risk factors:

There are numerous factors that have been identified, they include:

  • Workplace exposure to chemicals such as cadmium and organic solvents as well as exposure to coal tar and creosote
  • The use of tobacco products
  • Pain medication abuse, and
  • Genetics

Studies have indicated that asbestos may also be at fault for the development of kidney cancer. Asbestos can be inhaled; it can even be ingested in drinking water. Asbestos is known to cause asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.


The traditional forms of treating kidney cancer are to eliminate the tumors surgically or to remove the kidney. Kidney cancer is not responsive to radiation and chemotherapy, these types of treatments can exacerbate the situation.

Kidney cancer lawsuits can be extremely complicated. Although exhaustive studies have revealed that many workers that have had long exposure to asbestos have subsequently developed kidney cancer, the evidence is not yet strong enough to support a relationship between asbestos exposure and kidney cancer.

Kidney cancer, if caught in the early stages, has a high survival rate. Unfortunately, because it is often not symptomatic, it is not detected until the later stages. In such circumstances, you are well advised to consult with a kidney cancer lawyer.

If you have renal cancer and you think it is directly related to exposure to asbestos and dangerous chemicals in your workplace, you should consult with a kidney cancer lawyer. For a free case evaluation, contact Hughes Law Offices. Follow us on twitter.

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