Obama Kenya Birth Controversy: A Brief Look

It is unprecedented for someone whose birthplace is mired in controversies to be the US President. Yet that is what is happening with Barack Hussein Obama throughout his term as the 44th President of the nation. The controversies have always been active, regarding his claim to natural citizenship. They appeared during his campaign in the Illinois Senate. An Associated Press article actually reported him to be born in Kenya, during their coverage of the campaign. In fact, a birth certificate has been in circulation on the Internet since 2009. It mentions that Obama was born in Kenya, from where his father hails. If this document is authentic, Obama’s right to be President would be in question.

As the controversies kick up more dirt, a lot of documents have been doing their rounds on the Internet. The White House spokespersons for the President have duly released a long form birth certificate showing him to be born in Hawaii. But it is interesting that this official document was produced only after many not-so-acceptable ‘proofs’ of Obama’s birth were released. Before releasing this official document, the White House had only two newspaper reports from Hawaii with ‘live certification of birth’ as proof that Obama was born in the US. With such slim evidence to go by on, the controversy regarding Kenya as Obama’s birthplace has become stronger.

The Obama Kenya birth controversy has strong support from many quarters. The birth certificate has the hospital clearly mentioned as the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa. Copies of this document were clearly circulating on the Internet long before the official long form birth certificate was ever heard of. It is interesting too, that this certificate mysteriously came to light only after 1961 records of the Hawaii Department of Health were recently uncovered. This document was made public only after the Obama camp faced a great deal of pressure from the public.

The question is, why was this document not made public several years back, when the Obama Kenya birth controversy had begun? When questions about the President’s place of orgin raise their head, it is logical that the White House would quickly provide damage control. Yet the Hawaii birth certificate was released only in 2011. What was the need to delay such much needed damage control, when Obama’s country of origin has been questioned for so many years.
The Obama Kenya birth controversy is one of the key mysteries that shroud the current President’s rise to power.

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