Life Insurance And Its Benefits

by | Sep 28, 2011 | Finance & Insurance

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In today’s world, when our lives are so uncertain and anything worse can happen without any prior warning, protecting our lives with insurance policies has become a necessity. Life insurance is a great financial tool that offers numerous benefits, besides giving us the peace of mind we always deserve. Such policies not only guarantee financial support to the insured, but also look after his dependents after his death.

Life insurance is a legal contract between an insurance company and the insured. This ensures that even after the policy holder’s death, his beneficiaries get adequate financial support all throughout their life. In order to get a life insurance, an applicant has to pay premiums at regular intervals.

Such insurance policies depend on certain factors which include income, expenses, age, outstanding loans, health condition, and the number of dependents. There are basically four types of life insurance – term, universal, whole, and endowment life insurance policies.

Now, let’s quickly discuss some of the benefits of these insurance policies:

* It provides monetary protection to your family, especially during any financial crisis. The insurance company will provide you with funds, ensuring you are able to carry on with the normal course of life.

* It is a kind of long-term investment. Whatever money you earn can be invested in buying such policies, and you can use these funds to look after your child’s education, helping him fulfill his ambitions. Even after retiring, you do not have to worry about your livelihood. Your policy will ensure you get enough money to look after your regular needs.

* Life insurance can be a constant source of income for bereaved family members, after the demise of the policy holder.

* With investments on such policies, you can save money by paying less income tax. Hence, it is a good source of savings.

* When an insured needs a loan, he can avail the same through his policy. The insured does not have to worry about repayment options. His insurance provider would deduct the loan amount from his policy when it matures.

There are several companies which offer different insurance policies. In order to avail all the benefits mentioned above, you have to do a little research to find a reliable company which can solve all your queries on life insurance. Beverly Hills residents must contact the officials from a reputable and registered company, to ensure they get the best services.

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