What Do Daily News, Prophecy Tellers and Psychologists Have In Common?

Many believe that financial stability is more important than any other form of balance in our lives. However, when you are stuck in a traffic jam caused by a landslide, how well does a cash-filled bank account help you? According to psychologists, it is important to gain mental balance to withstand the sudden turmoil that life inflicts on each. If you run a quick check of daily news, you are sure to find an increasing number of cases of mental instability among the suffering of the global population.

And if these news updates shock or sadden you, then you need to remember that everything is actually turning out to be in accordance with the prophecy made in the past. Yes, the Bible has clear predictions of the global unrest that is slowly going to take over the whole of mankind. The Bible goes on to emphasize that the process of destruction is going to be very slow. However, every single soul in this world will get a preview of the final annihilation through repeated incidents of mass scale destruction and increasing atrocities.

In fact, the present day scenario showcases what prophecy tellers have been indicating all along the way. Every single bit of daily news that you come across is a clear example of the increasing confusion, unrest and despair in the minds of people around us. Suicide rates are at an all-time high in America, where around hundred people take their own lives every single day. Going back to what psychologists have to say, the only reason behind this mental state is the indulgence of the common man in fraudulent and unethical activities. You come across this realization present as a common factor in news, prophecy telling sessions, and psychology exercises all over the world.

In order to get across the ocean of illusion that the world has to offer to our fragile minds, the only way out is to take the recourse of universal love. Every religion of the universe preaches the need to be a loving person, who is willing to share happiness and concern with every living soul he or she comes across. Therefore, every time you see a news item announcing an atrocity or come across prophecy tellers finding the link between past, present and future, you must listen to these wise words of most psychologists around the world. With love and surrender reigning supreme, no amount of pain can affect your life.

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