FAQ About Pet Board Stafford VA Facilities

You may need to leave your pet at a Pet Boarding Stafford VA facility when you need to travel for vacation or work. It’s a scary thing to leave your pet in the hands of someone you don’t know, and you may be nervous of the idea of pet boarding. Here are all the answers to your questions so you won’t worry anymore.

Will My Pet Stay in a Cage?

All pets stay in a single animal cage. The size of the cage depends on the size of the pet. These are not giant cages with lots of room to run around. Your pet will be able to stand and move around, but the cages do not provide enough room for exercise. They have room for blankets, food, water, and some movement.

Will My Pet be Comfortable?

The idea of your pet in a cage for days may upset you, but your pet will be comfortable. He will have fresh comfy blankets. The cages are are heated and air conditioned so it’s always at a nice temperature. Since your pet spends so much time indoors, the rooms are also ventilated and new air passes through regularly. The boarding company does not want any contagious illness to pass around the cages, so they are thoroughly cleaned daily. Sick pets are kept confined elsewhere.

Will My Pet Eat Well?

One problem with leaving your pet at a boarding kennel is the stress. Your pet will be a bit stressed about being left behind. One way to counteract the stress is an excellent diet that can help prevent some of the problems caused by stress and boost your pet’s immune system. Reputable boarding companies will only give your pets high quality food.

Will My Pet Get Exercise?

Excellent boarding kennels will have both indoor and outdoor runs. Your pet will get a chance to run free in these runs several times a day. He will also get a walk outdoors three times a day, rain or shine. Even your cat will get a chance to run around outside the cage, although he’ll probably just find a corner and nap. If your pet is old or injured, an employee will walk him on a leash slowly so he’ll still get exercise.

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