Allow the Dentist Katy to Care for Your Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is a common occurrence and does not necessarily mean you have major health concerns with your teeth. If the pain becomes severe or is unrelenting, this could be a sign of problems. When this occurs, you need to make sure you visit your Dentist Katy, to have your teeth checked for any signs of health problems. If any issues are found, the dentist can quickly treat them, so they do not continue to cause problems with your teeth. Visit website for the best dentists in your area..

What Causes Tooth Pain?

  • Cavities are one of the most common problems to cause pain in the teeth. When a cavity first begins, you will most likely feel no pain at all. As the cavity progresses, it begins to cause decay inside the inner portion of your tooth and inflames the nerve. Once you begin feeling pain, because of a cavity, this means it has progressed and become serious. To stop the pain of your cavity, the dentist can remove the decayed portion and then fill your tooth. In severe cases, your tooth may become unstable from the damage. When this happens, the dentist may need to cap your tooth with a crown, so it becomes stronger and is no longer prone to breakage.
  • Infections in the tooth, called abscesses, can also cause pain. The pain from an infection can be even more severe than cavity pain. In addition to pain, you can also experience swelling in the jaw and a fever. Infections in the teeth can spread to other teeth and to the gum tissue. It is imperative you are treated as soon as possible, so you do not end up losing your tooth. If the infection is severe, you will need antibiotic therapy and possibly a root canal, carried out through the Dentist Katy. Your dentist can make the call on what type of treatment will best protect your tooth.

If you are dealing with ongoing tooth pain and cannot find relief, contact Gentle Dental Care or visit They will take care of your tooth and help you to get the relief you need. They also offer all types of dental services, for your every need.

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