Understanding The Law With A DUI Defense Lawyer In Tucson

The state of Arizona imposes hefty penalties for offenders of their driving while under the influence laws. The laws range from offenses such as standard DUI, which implies that the breathalyzer reading was 0.08 or higher, to extreme DUI, which is any reading that is 0.15 or greater. The extreme DUI charge imposes a fine of at least $900 along with the standard $250 fees for DUI assessment and extreme drunkenness assessments that range up to $1250. Anyone convicted of this charge receives one-year license suspension and are required to install an ignition interlocking device into their vehicle.

Bargaining for First-Offenses

In the state of Arizona, a defense attorney cannot plead a DUI charge down to a wet reckless charge. The state-wide crack down on these offenses impose the penalties for first offenses. The driver is also unable to plead down to receive alcohol treatment in lieu of sentencing.

Aggravated DUI regardless of the number of prior convictions incurs fines of at least $900 initially. The fees for aggravated DUI assessment are $1,500. The convicted individual will receive at least four months in jail. Any additional convictions within a five year period after this offense increase fines and penalties significantly. Alcohol assessment is conducted based on the height and weight of the individual to determine drunkenness. These factors may conclude that only one drink is too much for some individuals.

Outlined Laws

It is illegal in the state of Arizona for any driver who has a blood-alcohol content that exceeds 0.08 to operate a motor vehicle within two hours of drinking. Commercial drivers are limited to readings of 0.04. Driving while under the influence of illegal substances is prohibited. For this reason, all individual suspected of DUI are chemically tested to determine whether drugs are in their system. The first offense for these violations is a misdemeanor conviction. However, a fourth offense is considered a felony and punishable through the penalties for this classification. Drivers who are suspected of DUI convictions related to drugs or alcohol should contact The Law Office of Thomas Wilson for further assistance.

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