Crawl Space Waterproofing — A Must for Every Home

Did you know that it is believed that almost half of the air we breathe on our home’s first level, rises from the crawl space? That’s a disheartening thought if the crawl space has water damage and mildew or mold spores. Water in a home’s crawl space can be the result of cracks in the foundation or improper damp-proofing when the home was built. It could also be a sign that the weeping tile around the property is clogged or damaged in some way.

The best way to ensure your crawl space is moisture free is to consult an expert in crawl space waterproofing. New Jersey residents with a crawl space should have it checked to ensure that there is no water which could lead to structure damage or health issues if mold is present.

Keeping Water out is a Priority
Water will find the quickest entry point into a home, so any foundation cracks should be repaired. Professionals can quickly identify cracks in mortar or bricks that could be leading to water in the crawl space of your home. They will recommend the best solution for crawl space waterproofing. New Jersey home owners who have water in their crawl space or basement can consult specialists in the industry who will conduct a thorough inspection to determine how the water is getting there. They will also check to see if the home has proper drainage. Eavestroughs and drain spouts that are not functioning properly are key sources for water to seep into the ground. If there is even the smallest crack in your foundation, water can make its way into your home.

There are Several Ways to Waterproof a Crawl Space:
• Vapor barriers — these are typically plastic or foil sheets that act as physical barriers. They keep moisture, mold and mildew from reaching inside.
• Crawl space encapsulation —  this involves totally enclosing the crawl space in special materials to seal in moisture and keep it from getting into your home.
• Waterproofing Products — there are several products used for waterproofing. An expert will know which specialty products to use for your particular situation.
• Sump Pumps — there are sump pumps designed specifically for crawl spaces where there is minimal head room.
• Dehumidifier — this will help to dry out a damp crawl space and control the humidity in the space once it has been dried.

A house is the biggest investment you will ever make. Proper maintenance is key to a healthy home and inhabitants.