A Lesson on Why Damaged Foundations Need Prompt Attention in Rockville, MD

Foundations are quite literally the building blocks upon which buildings are constructed, including your home. Since they’re so important, you should respond to signs of foundation repair in Rockville homes immediately for several reasons. Read further to better understand a few of them.

Home Value’s Tied to Your Foundation’s Condition

When homes are purchased and sold, almost always, that is, a licensed, official home inspector is commissioned to determine the safety and value of such homes. If your home’s foundation is in bad shape, it will be valued significantly less, not to mention be unlikely to sell at market. Lenders will also be unwilling to accept your home as collateral, generally speaking, at least.

Damage Builds Quickly With Bad Foundations

At the first hint of your foundation being damaged, you should immediately seek out foundation repair in Rockville because further damage builds quickly. Think about it – several tons of weight lay on top of foundations. They’re stressed enough as it is, let alone if they’re damaged.

Foundation Damage Is Tied to Water Damage

When foundations are damaged, your home will almost always feature cracks in the basement, walls, foundation, or elsewhere. Water readily seeps into these openings, causing water damage, which might only take a few weeks – maybe even a few
days – to take effect.

Foundation Repair Is Our Specialty

We’re the leading foundation repair provider in Baltimore and surrounding areas, including Rockville, here at Armored Basement Waterproofing LLC.

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