The Monuments of Seville

by | May 13, 2015 | Travel and Vacations

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If you’ve been considering a trip abroad, then you may want to consider heading to Spain as part of your trip. Spain is a country rich in history and heritage, and is a great place to spend some time with a loved one. It’s also a great place to bring a family as part of your family’s vacation. If you’re curious about the various places to visit in Seville, Spain, then here is a short list of just some of the great monuments from its past you can visit.

A Look Around the Town
There are numerous places to see while you are in Seville, and many of them are open year round for your enjoyment. There are many cultures that have resided in the area, from Moors to Romans. If you like history and have always been curious about some of Spain’s past, then checking out these locations should be on your list of things to-do.

The Cathedral of Seville
The cathedral was constructed in the mid-15th century by the Goths on the foundation of old Roman ruins. If you fancy yourself a bit of a Roman empire buff, and are looking to find some of their influences at the far reaches of their empire, then this is a must see stop for you. While you are there you can see the Giralda Tower. It’s a unique building that is all that remains of an old Moorish mosque.

The Golden Tower
Continuing with the Moorish aspects of the region, you can visit the Golden Tower. This old building is thought to have been constructed in the early 13th century, and was once part of a larger wall that resided in the area. It’s called the Golden Tower because of the lavish gold colored tiles that make up the majority of the interior.

Visit Casa Pilatos
This residence of many of the region’s nobility was erected in the mid-16th century, and is said to be a replica of the Pontius Pilatus palace in Jerusalem. There are many mosaic pictures from the Roman era to be seen.

This is just a small number of the many sights you can see on your trip, and there’s more to be seen in the surrounding areas outside of the city. The next time you’re considering a trip across the pond to Europe you should consider seeing the sights this town has to offer. It will be a voyage you won’t soon forget.

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