Call a Professional To Help You Determine Why You Have a Leaky Basement in Boston MA

As temperatures rise and winter snows melt, you may be horrified to notice that water has begun leaking into your basement. Whether it’s a finished room or an unfinished space, water is the last thing you want coming into your home. Before you start visualizing major repair work and its associated costs, it’s a good idea to see if you can determine the source of the water. Then at least you’ll be better prepared to face the potential repair costs you’ll have to pay to fix the leak.

Water enters your basement primarily due to blocked or poorly designed drainage systems around your home. Your landscaping might channel water toward the foundation of the house, giving it a place to collect and drain through the soil and underlying fill into the basement. Likewise, a gutter system that doesn’t carry the water away from the foundation of the house or dumps it next to the foundation because it’s clogged will lead to water problems in your basement. Many older basements in particular aren’t constructed to keep water from seeping through the walls. When you’re faced with a Leaky Basement in Boston MA the first step you should take is to channel outside water away from the foundation. Replacement gutters and pipes that draw the water away from the foundation are good solutions for these types of problems.

There are times, however, when even making sure that water doesn’t flow toward your home’s foundation won’t fix the root problem. The reason your basement is leaking is because water is being drawn up through the soil underlying the foundation, where it collects in the first interior space it reaches, your basement. Unless you’re a contractor yourself, you should call in a company such as Drycrete Waterproofing to waterproof your basement. An experienced professional can determine what’s causing the leak and recommend steps that will prevent more water from entering your basement. Waterproofing products, exterior basement membranes and sump pumps are all options you may need to consider if water in your basement is a constant problem.

Drycrete Waterproofing offers a free estimate to homeowners who are experiencing a Leaky Basement in Boston MA. If you’ve tried all the solutions you know of to keep water out of your basement and none of them works, it’s time to call a professional.

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