Select the Best Siding Livonia MI for Your Home

Caring for your home can be a huge job, but when it comes to it’s exterior Siding Livonia MI you have several choices that could provide you with years of maintenance free or at least limited maintenance service. This includes aluminum siding, vinyl siding and a reinforced concrete siding. Each of these products are very durable and can provide decades of use with little wear. Visit website for more information.

Aluminum siding is one of those products that emerged after World War Two when the country no longer needed these extra resources for the war. It doesn’t retain all the popularity it once had, but it does offer the homeowner both durability and insulation protection. In modern installations the aluminum will have a base insulation that is useful to improve your home’s overall efficiency. It is generally installed as long planks so it resembles a typical wood siding. It’s only real disadvantage is that the paint will fade over time. Like wood siding however, aluminum can be easily painted.

Perhaps the most common Siding Livonia MI for homes today is vinyl or more accurately, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). This is generally a thin siding that can be easily installed over most existing exterior cladding as well as the sheathing used in modern construction. Vinyl siding is made using two layers of PVC with the top layer having a mixture of titanium oxide for pigmentation and protection from the breakdown caused by exposure to ultraviolet light. Perhaps it’s largest drawback is the variety of products available on the market and the huge variance in manufacturer specifications.

Concrete siding is a fiber reinforced product that provides the look of regular wood siding. It’s biggest advantage for many people is how sustainable the product is. It provides a stronger siding than either vinyl or aluminum and can be found in a variety of colors. Like wood and aluminum it can be easily painted and repairs to the siding are relatively easy.

The cladding on your home will often depend on what style the home was constructed in. For example, most Colonial homes use a wooden plank siding and property restrictions may require that any replacement siding be made to look the same. This is why selecting the proper Siding Livonia MI is very important. You can find more information at quality contracting companies like Olson Cement Work & Construction.

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