An Auto Accident Attorney in Gig Harbor Can Protect Your Rights

A free consultation with an experienced accident attorney could send your life down the right path to collect the financial damages that occurred. Loss of wages and mounting medical bills should not be a source of further stress or strain when you’re trying to recover from injuries. An auto accident attorney in Gig Harbor will immediately begin protecting your rights and protect you from the insurance company. Insurance companies usually attempt to force you to settle a case before medical treatment is completed because they’re trying to save as much money as they can.

Serious injuries usually involve terrible pain and emotional distress. When an insurance company starts calling non-stop to ask a variety of questions, anything a victim says can and will be used against them in the future to settle a claim. A victim should never speak to the negligent party’s insurance company when they’re under the influence of any type of medication or when they’re still distraught over the accident. After an accident, it’s important to remember not to say very much to the police because they will document everything. A victim should also seek medical treatment immediately following an accident when they’ve been injured. Waiting several days for medical treatment could seriously jeopardize their case against the negligent party.

An auto accident attorney in Gig Harbor will stand by a victim’s side from the very beginning and will fight for a fair settlement to cover their medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, personal property loss and much more. A victim must have an attorney to fight the insurance company who has many attorneys working on their side. When a victim meets with an attorney, they will thoroughly discuss the evidence in the case and give a victim an estimate of what their case may be worth. If someone’s already been working with an insurance company, they should have an attorney review the terms of the settlement before they agree to it.

If you’re looking for courteous and professional service, visit Otto Law Offices. They will deliver the knowledge and experience that is needed to receive the largest settlement available under the law.

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