A Car Accident Injury Attorney in Des Moines, IA Helps Clients Dealing with Psychological Trauma

Some people who have been seriously hurt in a vehicle collision become frightened of driving one or riding in a vehicle afterward. Some start having random panic attacks and debilitating anxiety that make them feel they may have developed a mental illness. In addition to payment for medical expenses and lost wages, a car accident injury attorney in Des Moines, IA can demand compensation for emotional trauma.

Convincing Insurers

Serious car collisions have been recognized by psychological experts as a top cause of post-traumatic stress. It can be difficult to prove this condition originated with the accident, however. One previous visit to a psychologist or psychiatrist, or one previous prescription for sedating medication, can derail this type of claim. A car accident injury attorney in Des Moines, IA knows what type of evidence is necessary to convince insurers that the client does deserve compensation for emotional trauma.

The Need for a Mental Health Professional

This kind of psychological disturbance may not go away on its own. The person can benefit from counseling with a mental health professional and, perhaps, anti-anxiety or antidepressant medication. The fear of being in a vehicle is often associated with lack of control. If the person witnessed another individual in the car suffer an injury, this is an additional point of emotional distress.

Desensitization Therapy

Psychological therapy for overcoming anxiety and fear connected with being in a vehicle typically focuses on desensitizing the person to this activity. The client may be encouraged to start with very short trips, such as taking a drive around the block. When this is no longer scary, the drive can be extended to a destination a mile away.

The Psychological Aftermath

Without help from a law firm such as Dutton & Drake and a mental health counselor, a person dealing with a high degree of emotional trauma may become increasingly housebound and isolated. It’s not possible to walk everywhere, and even riding a bike may be frightening if there is any traffic around. Anyone who is dealing with this type of situation can visit us online.

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