Common Questions to Ask an Auto Accident Attorney in Live Oak, FL

In Florida, auto owners are subject to a no-fault insurance system. The procedures for reporting accidents and receiving compensation are stricter. The drivers must follow all applicable laws after they are involved in an accident. An auto injury attorney in Live Oak, FL could provide answers to common questions about claims.

What Accidents Require a Police Report?

Section 316.066 of Florida State Codes identifies when police notification is necessary. Any accident in which someone was injured or died requires police assistance. Any non-injury accidents in which at least $500 worth of property damage occurred also require police notification. Any non-injury auto accidents where less than $500 worth of damage happened require a crash report filed by all drivers involved.

How Does the State’s No-Fault System Work?

All drivers are required by state law to purchase auto liability coverage and personal protection insurance. Initially, accident victims file a claim through their own insurance policies. The claim includes all medical expenses and auto repair costs. Personal injury protection must provide at least $10,000 for all medical requirements for the policyholder.

When Are Legal Claims Possible?

Auto accident victims have the right to file a lawsuit against an at-fault driver in extreme cases only. The medical findings must show that the victim sustained serious injuries, and the cost of treatment must exceed their coverage limit. Serious injuries include disfigurement, loss of limb, loss of organ function, and permanent disabilities. Traumatic brain injuries are included in serious injuries that allow the victim to file a lawsuit. Wrongful death is another reason that lawsuits are permitted.

What Damages Are Awarded in a Lawsuit?

The victim receives the full cost of their medical expenses and property damage costs. Any ongoing medical needs are paid through the award. Any lost wages or future wages are added to the award. The court provides tort-based options in some cases.

In Florida, auto accident victims follow strict laws when filing injury claims. The no-fault system imposes some limitations on accident victims. The system prevents lawsuits until the injuries are extensive. Victims who need to file a claim can contact an auto injury attorney in Live Oak, FL by visiting now.

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