Why Should You Hire a Commercial Medical Escort?

Are you a person who has a disability or major medical condition and is looking to travel? Perhaps you’re the primary caregiver for someone who fits this description. No matter what your circumstances, if you’re in need of air travel and know that medical challenges are going to rise to greet you, you may need to consider the services of a commercial medical escort.

Here’s more information on how these professionals help make flying easier and more accessible to people everywhere:

Getting You Where You Need to Go

Travel with major medical conditions or disabilities can be extremely difficult. Even airlines and other passenger transport that is designed with increased accessibility do not usually have the right features to meet the needs of those who need regular medical attention and intervention. Those who require continual care are often grounded for this very reason.

Medical escorts help make travel possible for people with these conditions. Whether it’s helping make a seat more accessible by acting as an advocate or addressing feeding, hygiene, and medical concerns along the way, these non-emergency medical professionals can help make any flight, anywhere a little bit easier on everyone.

Keeping You Safe

Perhaps the biggest reason why many people with major medical concerns do not travel is because they fear a lack of safety on commercial airlines and other modes of travel. Even when their doctors or specialists are located in remote areas relative to their own, they hesitate to travel for care.

That’s a concern that commercial medical escorts seek to address. By providing a medically-trained companion for travelers and caregivers on commercial flights, they can assure safe, comfortable travel for patients and accessibility for those who might not otherwise have it.

If you think you might benefit from traveling with an escort, contact your nearest provider of medical travel assistance.

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