Why Your Web Designer Is More Than Just a “Techno-Geek”

by | Mar 19, 2012 | Computer & Internet

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Mary Fran Wiley is a webdesigner in Chicago. However, she is not your stereotypical computer geek. Rather, Mary majored in French and international marketing at the University of Illinois. Like many webdesigners, Mary has the technological know-how to design a website, but her true asset as a webdesigner comes in the creative and enthusiastic insight she brings to her work. More and more companies are aware of the need to hire a webdesigner like Mary who can not only create a website, but who can make their site stand out among the many competing sites on the web.

Many times, when a Houston company is looking for a webdesigner, they look only at the technological savvy of the design company they are interested in using. Technological know-how is important, but there is so much more that goes into making a successful website than simply the ability to manipulate HTML code or a basic knowledge of CSS3. A successful web designer cannot simply be a “techno-geek” who is unaware of the needs of your business and your website.

An expert webdesign team consists of an invigorating blend of a webdesigner, graphic artist, copywriter, IT guru, and branding specialist, all of whom work together to give your business both the technical prowess and creativity that will bring you customers. You do not want to be one among many on the web; you want your business to stand out and get noticed. Your webdesigner will bring together all of the necessary elements to make that happen.

Not only do you want your webdesigner to be creative, smart, and aware of your needs, but you also want one who is confident in navigating social media. A site that gets buried on the third page of a web search engine find is not helpful, no matter how great the site is. Your webdesigner should be able to get your business noticed by incorporating Facebook, Twitter, Stumble and Tumblr. Your customers are already using social media; make sure that they see you when they are using these tools.

Your best bet in getting a webdesigner who can fulfill all of these requirements and more is to contract with an advertising agency in Houston that offers web design. They have the ability to match a designer or designers with your specific need. Contact an ad agency today to get your website working for your business.

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