4 Ways to Shop for Used Dell Servers

Choosing the best network server is important to your long-term health and growth of your business. Read on for tips on how to help you evaluate your options before you pick one.

Driver support

If you’re interested in used Dell servers for sale, then make sure those units offer the driver support you need. If you’re buying Dell, then you’re probably working with Window drivers, which are readily available. By checking the driver support for your operating system, you’ll spare yourself some future trouble and hassle.

Redundant parts

Pick a server that uses redundant parts. That’s a wise decision if you’re looking for a server to support core operations. For instance, if it has two power supplies, then you can still use one if the other unit fails. Other systems come with a spare memory which comes in handy when problems with your main memory happen. With redundant parts, you can prevent a single point of failure from crippling your daily operations, the Tech Republic says.

Rack space

When you look for used Dell servers for sale, make sure you pick one out that’s going to fit in your rack space. However, if the server needs more space, you may need to check out blade server options to fix the issue.


Be sure to pick a server that offers you more than enough internal storage. There are plenty of servers designed with two internal drivers while other servers boot from a SAN. You may want to keep these options in mind, especially since storage space is often a priority. The last thing you want is to spend time and money on a system that’s not going to provide your business with enough storage in the future.

Choosing a server has long-term consequences for your company so pay attention to these factors when you pick one.

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