Why Steel Pipe Flanges Are Advantageous?

by | Nov 2, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

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Steel Pipe Flanges are some of the most useful components used in many industries. Flanges are used to connect lengths of pipe. They are normally attached either at one end or both ends of a steel pipe. It provides a ring or lip where pipe ends can be bolted together. It can also serve as the anchor of the pipe when attaching it to the wall or concrete. While there are alternative ways of connecting pipes, such as threading or welding, pipe flanges offer an easy and effective way of assembling the pipeline.

There is a wide range of Flanges available in the market. The most common types come with a pattern of holes where bolts can be inserted for assembly. Compared with other methods of pipe connection, pipe flanges are more efficient. For instance, in case there is a problem in the individual parts of a pipeline or plumbing network, it can be easily replaced by removing the worn out section. You can simply remove the bolt from the flanges, remove the affected section and replace it. To complete the system, you simply have to re-bolt them together. This method proves to be more efficient, cleaner, and faster than other alternatives, particularly soldering and welding. Without flanges, just imagine the disruption and delay it can cause.

Another advantage of bolted flanges is that there are no special tools required to install one. In the case of welding or soldering and threading, specialized machines and tools are necessary to complete the task. Furthermore, using flanges appear to be the safest option. As you may well know, welding pipes can be risky in certain work environments, such as lumber or paper mills and petrochemical compounds where it can easily spark fire.

Steel Pipe Flanges work like a top hat that is attached on the end of a pipe. Once in place, you can attach another pipe and secure the two using bolts. This is not only useful in the plumbing system. It is also normal in construction areas, specifically as base of pipes or tubes. A specific example is that of a flagpole or handrail; steel pipe flanges are used to fasten it to a concrete platform or any reinforced base.

However, there are also specialized flanges that do not use bolts. There are some types of flanges that are specifically designed for welding. Just like the bolted flanges, welded steel pipe flanges also guarantee no leaks. While this type of flanges offers the same degree of security and stability, the only challenge is that it can be difficult to repair when a portion becomes damaged. For these flanges, you will need to cut the steel pipes or un-weld the flanges which can be quite a challenge.

Regardless of the type of flange you are going to use, you want to be sure that you get a high quality flange. You need to look for a manufacturer that adheres with the standards set by ANSI.

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