How to Save Money at the Dental Office in Casa Grande AZ

Getting proper dental care is ideal if you want to have a great smile and great oral health. Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t have insurance and they think they can’t afford to go to the dentist as a result of that. Here are some ways you can save money at your dental office in Casa Grande AZ and cut down on your out of pocket expenses while getting the treatment you need.

Find a Low Cost Dental Care Provider
Many people think that all dentists are the same so the price at one office is going to be about the same at the other office. But this simply isn’t true. You can shop and compare dental prices among different providers in your area and you will likely find a large difference in costs. You can even find a dental office in Casa Grande AZ that offers low-cost treatment for patients who don’t have dental insurance. They may even work out a price or payment plan based on your actual income. You can usually find a list of low-cost providers by searching the American Dental Association’s website or the United Way’s website.

Look for Online Bargains
There are many daily deals websites that offer coupons for discounts on dental care from select providers. You can sign up as a member on one of these websites and get alerted whenever a dental discount comes around. Many of these deals include cleanings, fillings and other services. While it won’t cover the entire cost of the procedure, one of these coupons could save you hundreds of dollars for treatment that you desperately need.

Look for Discount Dental Plans
A discount dental plan is much like a discount prescription plan. For a small monthly or annual fee, you can be enrolled in the plan which gives you discounts on dental procedures when you need them. These savings can be anywhere between 10 percent and 60 percent off of your dental prices as long as you use one of the dentists included in the plan.

Pay Upfront
Because there are a large number of patients who ask to be billed and then never pay or they pay slowly, your dental office in Casa Grande AZ may give you a big discount for simply paying for your procedure upfront. Your dentist can give you the price that you would pay if you were billed and the discounted price for paying upfront. A recent study showed that dentists will lower the price of your procedure by as much as 5 percent if you pay before actually getting your treatment. That’s not a huge savings, but every bit counts when you don’t have insurance to pay for the procedures.

When you come to the dental office of Robert F. Hankel Jr. D.D.S., we will try several ways to work within your budget so you can get the treatment you need for optimal oral health. Visit Domain to read about our services and other information that you will find helpful.

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