Why Large-Format Digital Printing Renders Traditional Offset Printing Obsolete

by | Mar 13, 2012 | Computer & Internet

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Digital presses and large-format digital printing are quickly rendering traditional offset printing obsolete. This new printing technology has enabled many businesses to branch out with new and improved marketing materials. Large-format digital printing enables companies to print everything from direct mailers to indoor and outdoor signage, to posters and banners, all without the cost of initial set-ups or delays in turnaround times. In addition, materials can be personalized at a moment’s notice and different runs can be customized without extra costs.

Because digital printing does not require a printing plate, cost in both money and time is greatly reduced. In addition, digital printing has the advantage of producing brilliant, vivid colors and eye-catching displays. Large-format digital printing is also useful for turning photographic images into posters, banners, t-shirts, and more. At the same time, multiple copies of a poster or a banner are not required to make the printing effort cost-effective.

Drafts-persons, architects and engineers are especially grateful for large-format digital printing because it saves enormous amounts of time and energy. Copies of blueprints and designs used to be manually generated, leaving significant room for human error. Then came the era of photocopying, which was an improvement but often proved difficult with larger designs and blueprints. However, large-format digital printing only requires that the original be digitally stored in order to create multiple copies of images.

Just as word processors and desktop printers have caused typewriters to become a thing of the past, large-format digital printing has meant that much offset printing is no longer necessary. Digital printing can create many images and products in a much shorter period of time and at a lower cost. Whether in the commercial world where banners are needed for vendor displays at a convention, or a family that wants to create a poster of a new grandchild, large-format digital printing is the way to go.

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