The Importance Of An Overhead Projector In The Education System

An overhead projector is one of the most versatile and useful visual aids that can be used in modern day class rooms. Across the world, many lecturers prefer using a projector instead of the conventional chalkboard. The projectors come in handy when making presentations such as reports and thesis. Even with the emergence of computer-based data projectors, their overhead counter parts are still commonly used. The computer based projectors are way too expensive and it may be hard to acquire one.

While using a projector in class, a lecturer can be able to effectively pass across information to the students. Unlike while using a chalk board where the lecturer has to turn while writing, you can teach and still maintain eye contact with your students while using a projector.

The best thing about maintaining eye contact with your students is your ability to judge their reaction. For instance, you can tell whether a student has understood a point by simply observing his/her facial expression. You can easily identify any unruly conduct in the classroom as well.

With an overhead projector, you can organize your lecture notes in any way you deem important. For instance you can make written notes as well as diagrams and present these to your students. You can also have computer generated graphs which are then projected for the whole class to see. Why keep drawing these graphs on a chalkboard while a projector can save you all the trouble?

A projector is a user-friendly device. You do not have to be an expert in order to operate a projector. The only knowledge you may require is the ability to change the lamps. Almost any individual of average competence can comfortably use a projector. The projectors are easy to handle and store. You may store them in boxes or any other place you deem suitable.

One major advantage of using an overhead projector is the fact that it can be used in almost any room. You do not require having a room darkened in order to use the projector. Students can take notes easily from the projected content. However, the projector may be ineffective in brightly lit room or rooms exposed to direct sunlight.

A projector comes in handy for students with hearing impairment. The projectors are used in displaying visual aids to the students and this can boost their understanding. Deaf students can greatly benefit from using projectors. The students may observe the projected information while at the same time observing his/her classroom translator.

When buying an overhead projector, it is imperative to always check the quality. Do not base your buying decision entirely on the price of the projector. Also take note of the warranty granted so that incase the projector breaks up before the warranty period is over, it can be replaced.

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