Why Even First-Time Offenders Need To Hire an Attorney for DUI Defense in Reading PA

Being charged with a DUI can be both a scary and confusing experience for first-time offenders. Because you are likely inexperienced with the criminal justice system, you may not know who to trust, and you may find that you are tempted to follow every piece of advice that people offer you. Unfortunately, all of the advice you receive may not be sound advice, and following the wrong course of action could lead to disastrous results.
Though some people will tell you that first-time DUI offenders don’t need lawyers, here’s why you could be making things even more difficult for yourself if you don’t hire one:

1. DUI law is not only extremely complex, but it can also vary from state to state and change frequently. This complexity can present a serious challenge for a first-time offender trying to navigate the legal system alone. Even the slightest misinterpretation of DUI law could result in harsher penalties than you may have anticipated. Consequently, it’s a good idea for you to hire a DUI lawyer who understands the current set of laws and can fully explain them to you so that you understand your options for defending yourself.

2. An experienced DUI attorney will be skilled in a number of disciplines, including the science behind blood alcohol testing and analysis. The Breathalyzer test that you took at the scene will likely be a key factor in your case, and you’ll need someone on your side who understands how to identify problems that may have occurred during testing and use that information to your advantage in your DUI case.

3. An important key in your DUI Defense in Reading PA will be your ability to craft the best possible defense for your case and negotiate with the District Attorney in order to get your charges reduced or dropped. An attorney will know exactly how to carry out an expert investigation and gather the necessary evidence to help you present your case in the best way.

If this is your first time being charged with a DUI, don’t take the advice of those who tell you that hiring an attorney isn’t necessary. The success of your DUI Defense in Reading PA will depend upon a keen understanding of how to make the law work for you, and a skilled lawyer can provide both the knowledge and experience that you need to get the best possible outcome for your case. Visit Ebner Nevins & McAllister for more information.

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