Fighting The Insurance Companies With An Accident Lawyer In Rocklin, CA

Severe personal injuries warrant hefty settlement in California. Personal injury victims file lawsuits through their accident lawyer in Rocklin, CA in hopes of acquiring both non-economic and punitive damages based on the nature of these injuries. Primary examples of severe injuries are paralysis, brain trauma, disfigurement, and extensive burns.

Fighting the Insurance Companies

When an accident occurs, the policy holder files a claim with their insurance company. Their carrier sends a claim’s adjuster to assess the situation and to collect information. This adjuster provides compensation based on the severity of the injuries as well as contributing factors such as lost wages and auto repairs.

If the compensation provided is far below the victim’s requirements or the victim is denied, he or she should contact an Accident Lawyer in Rocklin CA to file a claim. In this instance, the defendant would be the insurance company as well as the individual who caused the injuries. The drawback of filing a lawsuit against the insurance companies is that they are familiar with legal loopholes that could lead to further denials. They also hire shrewd legal representatives to discredit the victim’s claim.

The primary objective of the insurer’s legal counsel is to turn the tables on the victim. Among the methods that they utilize is the shared-fault ruling. In automobile accidents, they may claim that the victim was speeding. In medical-malpractice lawsuits, they could claim that the patient was aware of the risks even though they were not.

The objective of a personal injury lawyer, however, is to construct a case that is strong and leaves zero room for error. For an automobile accident, the claim provides an ironclad report from credible law enforcement officials who witnessed the accident. In medical-malpractice lawsuits, the claim provides conclusive evidence that shows when and how the injury occurred as well as showing that the medical professional lacked the credentials to perform the procedure.

The insurance carrier must provide a reason for the denial of compensation or an explanation of why a smaller amount of compensation was offered. Documents that explain these actions are submitted with the victim’s lawsuit.

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