Why Do So Many Women choose Laser Hair Removal Charlotte NC?

For some women excessive hair growth is an embarrassing fact of life. Hirsutism affects one in twenty American women and is characterized by excessive hair growth. This condition may be caused by genetic factors or due to abnormally high levels of male hormone, androgen, in the blood. Oral anti-androgens and topical creams may be advised for stunting the hair growth. A polycystic ovary syndrome may also trigger this condition.

Often the presence of excess hair is a common occurrence among people with skin of color. Until recently Laser Hair Removal Charlotte NC was not suitable for darker complexions because it caused harmful side effects like blistering, changes in skin pigment and scarring. The development of new “color- blind” lasers, now allow people of color to also avail of this procedure to effectively eliminate excess hair. Dermatologists are investigating the treatment of visible blood vessels and uneven complexions by the use of new lasers.

Laser Hair Removal Charlotte NC is a safe and effective technology that removes large areas of unwanted hair with minimal patient discomfort. The complications arising from this procedure are much less than other hair-reduction methods. Most of the lasers are equipped with cooling devices for reducing the discomfort on the skin of the patient and also protecting the upper layers of the skin from changes in pigmentation and over-heating. Laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) devices may have to be repeated as hair grows in cycles, and only repeated treatment would ensure destruction of all hair follicles. About 10-25% decrease in hair growth may be expected with each treatment. The Laser hair removal can be repeated every 4-8 weeks. Each time the hair regrows after laser hair removal treatment, it seems to be finer in texture and lighter in color. Patients are instructed to avoid sun exposure and use SPF 30 or higher broad spectrum sunscreen after each procedure.

Laser Hair Removal Charlotte NC is a popular non-invasive (non surgical), mild technique that is performed without use of anesthetic. An effective permanent alternative to waxing, electrolysis, epilators and razors, it removes undesirable hair from all parts of the body including chest and back. As the treatment destroys each hair individually and large numbers of hair follicles at a time: large tracts of hair can be eliminated at the same time with minor discomfort to the patient. Such a procedure is fast and needs zero recuperation allowing the patient immediate resumption of normal life.

“Elos” is a technology that allows the gentle removal of hair of many colors and types from all skin tones. “Elos” is a next generation technique for laser hair removal. Ask for the latest laser treatments from licensed practitioners in the area.

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