The most important aspect of your pool maintenance

The Swimming Pools Senoia, GA has are best enjoyed when it has been properly maintained. The most important aspect of your pool’s care is of course the water. Ensuring your water is properly balanced using the right chemicals in hand with regular skimming and pump use will give you the cool, clear waters that will remain inviting all summer long. Here are some easy tips to follow:

1. Chlorine and shocking: Add a chlorine puck to your chlorinated swimming pools Senoia, GA loves daily. They release chlorine slowly to fight bacteria throughout the day. When placed in a dispenser you can still swim when a puck is in use. You will also require a weekly liquid shock to disinfectant your pool using a liquid shock. It is best to do this in the evening as it is not safe to swim when the shock is in use.

2. Non-chlorine shock: If your pool has a lining than use non-chlorine shock powder as chlorine liquid can fade the lining of your pool. You can also still swim when you use a powder shock as it works differently than the chlorine shock by working with the chlorine in the pool to help disinfect the water.

3. Bromine: Bromine works just as hard as chlorine to keep your water bacteria-free. It also helps fight algae because bromine is not affected by the sun like chlorine. Bromide comes in pucks to use daily and will still require a weekly shock.

4. Salt Water: Salt water provides natural protection against growth. It is easier on your skin and hair and works with a chlorine generator which is purer. Salt water pools require weekly shocking. You will have to find a shocking product compatible with your chlorine generator.

5. Ozone: Ozone which is stronger than bromine and chlorine which means no shocking is required.

The Pool Maintenance Service In Senoia, GA homeowners enjoy can benefit from a professional pool service who can come and provide regular checks for the alkaline and PH balance of your pool. Many pool services will check your water’s balance if you pop in with a sample. Keeping your inground pool’s water clean and clear will make swimming enjoyable all summer long.