Information on the Different Types of Waxing

Waxing is one of the most effective types of hair removal treatments you can have carried out. This treatment removes the hair from inside the follicle so you are able to stay hair-free for longer periods of time than with shaving. Since there are Different Types of Waxing, it is important you check with your waxing clinic to see what services they offer. This will allow you to choose the waxing service that will provide you with the best results.

There are different waxes that can be used on your body, depending on where you are being treated. Most all waxes are used in a warm or hot state. The warmed wax is applied in thin layers on the skin. The wax is typically applied against the grain of the hair. A sheet of fabric or other material is then applied over the wax. The person carrying out the treatment rubs the wax into the strip and then pulls it against the grain of the hair so it is removed.

You can be waxed on almost any area of your body. Waxing is commonly carried out on the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, chest, arms, legs, bikini area and more. In sensitive areas, wax is carefully applied and removed so as not to cause any irritation.

Most people do not report feeling any serious pain, though there may be some discomfort as the strip is being pulled. Since it is pulled so quickly and precisely, it should not cause any more than a mild stinging sensation.

Just after your waxing treatment, your skin will be treated with a moisturizing treatment so your skin does not become overly dry or irritated. You need to keep your skin hydrated so you do not develop any rashes or irritation. This should especially be done in the first couple of days after your treatment.

Before you go through the Different Types of Waxing, it is important you do not shave and avoid sun exposure so your skin is not irritated. This will help to ensure you get the best results from your waxing treatment.

If you are ready to have waxing carried out, contact David K. Hiranaka M.D. D.M.D. Allow them to schedule you a consultation appointment so you can learn which type will be best for your needs.

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