When to Hire Professional Services of Roof Repairs in Orland Park

A roof is an essential part of any commercial, industrial or residential building. A house can only become totally protected when its top covering is in a good condition. To have an attractive and durable roof, it is imperative to hire a professional roofing specialist to conduct regular check-ups and maintenance procedures. An experienced roofing contractor has adequate knowledge of the different types of roofs and can help you detect any roofing issues before they worsen. Here are the top three common roofing problems that may require you to hire professional services of Roof Repairs in Orland Park.

Moisture and roof leaks

Roof leaks are mostly caused by improper flashing installation and use of inadequate water and heap laps especially in bitumen roofs. Torch applied and hot bituminous modified roofs, are much likely to experience roof leaking problems if the moisture barrier underneath the parapet walls is poorly installed. If the seams in single-ply membrane roofs are improperly installed, the membranes can hold water. The seams should be heat-welded or glued to fix the problem. Note that a leaking roof can lead to health problems due the growth mold and mildew when stagnant water resides in the drains for long.

Improper roof designs

Roofs constructed using improper designs can lead to troublesome roofing problems. Faulty roofing designs can cause splitting of the membrane due to inadequate expansion and contraction of the roofing materials. In addition, faulty roof designs can cause sagging of the roofing structure due to insufficient number of drains and slopes that results in the formation of water ponds on the roof.

Damaged and missing shingles

Damaged and missing shingles can be caused by harsh weather conditions, low-quality shingles and the age of the roof. These conditions can result in cracking, tearing or complete breaking off of the shingles. To know whether your shingles are worn out or need to be repaired, check on the house gutters to see if there are any pieces of black pellets. If necessary, contact a professional roofing contractor to help you fix the problem.

There are other roofing problems that may require you to hire professional services of Roof Repairs in Orland Park. To get the best roof repair services, you must ensure that you hire an established roofing company. For more information about professional roof repair services, please visit the website.

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