Asian Catering in Los Angeles for Any Size Event

Asian Catering in Los Angeles is available for any size event with party pan options. You can download the entire catering menu and figure out how many pans of food you will need. Party pans come in mini, small, medium, and large sizes. Servings per pan depend on whether the food is a side dish or a main dish. A rice or noodle dish, for example, will feed more people per pan than a meat or vegetable dish will. The menu will tell you,
specifically, how many servings you will get from each size pan for each dish. That will help you stay in control of the food budget for the event.

The catering menu also includes Boba drinks in latte and fruit flavors. You can visit the website for a list of the different flavors available. The amount of notice needed for party pans and drinks depends on the number of pans you wish to order. If you have a small catering order, one to three pans of food, for example, a four-hour notice is all that is required. A larger order requires two days notice. Orders of $500.00 or more will require additional advanced notice. If you are planning a very large event, you may want to call them and discuss how much notice they will need.

You can pick up your party pans as early as 10:30 AM and no later than closing. Closing time is 9:00 PM, Monday through Saturday, and 5:00 PM on Sunday. You can pay for your order with cash or a credit card. Corporate checks are accepted if you set up a corporate account in advance. A corporate account is a smart decision because you can quickly cater staff meetings, working lunches, board meetings, and product launching events.

Asian Catering in Los Angeles is an economical catering option because the food will serve more people than the average meat and cheese trays or extra large pizzas. You also can choose more of a variety of foods, and that means that everyone in attendance is sure to find something they like to eat. Asian food is also a healthier alternative to other convenient catering solutions.